Spare Air Industrial

The logical evolution for Spare Air is to be used in above water toxic air situations, or workplace shallow water situations where a few extra breaths can be the difference between life and death. Thousands of industrial accidents happen every year - don't be caught without a backup air system!

  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable.
  • Unique design allows product to be used above or under water.
  • Easy to Use - always-on design.
  • Refillable for years of service.
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs.
  • Takes only 1-2 seconds to deploy, other products take up to 15 seconds.
  • Tested and approved by the U.S. Navy.
  • 45 years in service, over 350,000 systems sold.
  • Costs 40% less than most backup air systems.
  • No special training or SCUBA certification necessary for using Spare Air Industrial above ground or at shallow depths - simply place the regulator in your mouth and breathe.

The Spare Air Industrial is a unique, short-term emergency air system (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA). Designed around an on-demand regulator attached to an ultra lightweight aluminum cylinder, the compact hoseless regulator delivers 2-5 minutes of life-saving air depending upon level of activity and takes only seconds to deploy. Just by inserting the mouthpiece and breathing, the Spare Air Industrial can be used as a backup to escape if primary breathing systems fail, or in an out-of-air emergency. Each unit comes with a nose clip to prevent breathing toxic fumes, smoke or water while breathing from the regulator.

The Spare Air Industrial package includes two holster options: a custom holster/belt that is easily worn throughout the workday, or a custom velcro/adhesive back holster for mounting to any clean, hard surface.

Spare Air Industrial is the answer in out-of-air emergencies. It's "There when you need it."




Part Number:

Cylinder Capacity:



Service Pressure:


Surface Breaths:


3 cu. ft. / 85 liters

13.4" / 34 cm

2.25" / 5.7 cm

3000 psi / 207 bar

2.2 lb. / 1 kg


(* based upon 1.5 liter breath size)

More Specifications available here

The Spare Air Industrial Package comes with a Covered Holster and Waist Strap.

The Spare Air Industrial is also available with a Covered Holster Velcro Back option to place your Spare Air in a fixed location.

Included on every unit, the easy-to-read dial gauge allows users to see if their unit is filled and ready for use.

This Yoke Style Refill Adapter allows you to fill your Spare Air Industrial directly from any standard SCUBA tank. Easy to use, either fill empty Spare Air Industrial or top off air pressure to 3000 psi.

Spare Air Industrial is refillable from any high-pressure breathing air compressor. Use our 920C Refill Adapter on any boat or dive store compressor designed to fill SCUBA tanks to at least 3000 psi.

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