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FAQ's about Submersible Systems, LLC

What does Submersible Systems manufacture?
We manufacture the best selling emergency breathing system in the world. The Spare Air is designed for SCUBA divers and comes in normal air and nitrox models. The Spare Air Xtreme is our smallest version of the Spare Air and is packaged with a vest for hands-free operation for extreme sport enthusiasts. The HEED 3 is designed especially for the military and civilian aviation industry as a emergency egress device for short term out-of-air situations, like helicopter or vehicle evacuations after ditching in water. The Spare Air Industrial is directed at manufacturers and factories that need to offer employees air breathing equipment for emergencies and evacuations. Paintball enthusiasts have discovered our aluminum cylinders, and now we offer them for sale on our online store. We have recommended that owners of our breathing devices keep them full and use them to evacuate their home in the event of a fire or smoke emergency. We now offer the Spare Air Escape package that includes a mask for eye protection

How long has Submersible Systems been in business?
Submersible Systems began manufacturing the Spare Air in 1979. For the complete story, visit the Spare Air web site for "The Story" behind Spare Air.

Where can I find Submersible Systems products?
Spare Air is distributed around the world through dive shops and dive industry distributors. All dealers must be certified by Submersible Systems. All our products are available on our online shopping cart. To locate a dealer for Spare Air, visit our dealer locator.

Does Submersible Systems hold any patents?
Yes. For a list of patents, visit our Legal Page.

What military organizations has Submersible Systems worked with?
Submersible Systems is proud to work with military organizations all around the world and with several US government organizations and military branches. For a comprehensive list, visit our web site.

Is Submersible Systems a publicly traded or private company? Are there any investment opportunities?
Currently, Submersible Systems is a private company with no plans to offer any investment opportunities or to "go public."

Are there any employment opportunities at Submersible Systems and how do I apply?
Although our turn-over is very low, we occasionally have employment opportunities in manufacturing, engineering, sales, accounting and shipping. We accept applications in person at our office in Huntington Beach. We will keep your application for 1 year.


Submersible Systems ship Spare Air direct from their Huntington Beach Warehouse to dealers, distributors and Dive Shops around the world.

Submersible Systems ships Spare Air direct from their Huntington Beach Warehouse to dealers, distributors and Dive Shops around the world. The Spare Air and our other products are available on our online shopping cart.

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